• Chelsea Mauldin // Executive Director at Public Policy Lab // Doing Right by the People

    Policymakers and nonprofit leaders are increasingly interested in working with designers to help create public policy and deliver social services. Meanwhile, at any given time, 15% of the American public is officially living in poverty – on less than $24,000 a year for a family of four. What tools and approaches do service designers need to deliver impact for public-sector clients and partners, while generating real value for poor and vulnerable communities? Chelsea Mauldin, director of the nonprofit Public Policy Lab, has worked extensively with New York City and federal agencies, for whom she’s designed services with affordable-housing applicants, seniors enrolling in Medicare, and public-school students with disabilities, among others. In this talk, she’ll describe ongoing challenges in applying collaborative design strategies in a public-interest context and share her three best strategies for doing right by the people.

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