• John Yesko // Sr. Director of Online Customer Experience at Walgreens // At the Corner of Digital and Retail

    Walgreens has been practicing its own brand of service design since 1901, but today looks very different from the traditional corner drugstore. The customer experience now includes refilling prescriptions by mobile app scan, paperless coupons integrated with a loyalty card, and site-to-store shopping. But like many large companies, teams sometimes fall into the trap of silos. While digital and store channels have both made great strides in the customer experience, many of the efforts have been channel-specific. And the channels haven’t always done a great job of talking to each other. Having learned from successes – and perhaps more importantly, some mis-steps – the company is on the right path now. This talk will cover ways in which research and design have started to bring digital and the stores together into a truly customer-led “omni-channel” experience – where the Walgreens brand is the common thread across all interactions.

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