• MX 2011 | Tomer Sharon | Winning that Elusive Buy-In for UX Research Projects

    UX practitioners, researchers, and leaders need to engage people, teams, and organizations with research results to inform design, prioritize development, shape product roadmaps, and sometimes even initiate company-wide changes of focus. Many of them experience frustration and isolation because they are sometimes required to deal with difficult people who don’t understand or respect the UX process. Tomer will showcase five stories and lessons he has learned from his many years of experience and how to overcome challenges of people and situations and highlight what works and what doesn’t.

    These include:
    – The person who always pokes holes in UX research
    – The hostile stakeholder that wouldn’t cooperate
    – The best time to collaborate with stakeholders
    – What happened when the only person who knew what’s UX left the company?
    – How to ‘color the experience’ for your stakeholders?

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